About the author and the book

Jørgen Jelstad (born 1979)

I’m a Norwegian journalist and author who has worked for several of the major newspapers in Norway, mostly as a feature journalist. I have a mother with the diagnosis of ME/CFS, and that is why I started working on The Hidden early in 2009.

“The Hidden – and how ME/CFS became the most controversial disease of our time” was published by one of Norways biggest publishing companies Cappelen Damm in October 2011.

About the book:

The most severely ill patients lie in sound- and light-proof rooms with masks covering their eyes. They are bedridden and hardly able to turn around in bed. Some of them are fed through a nasal tube. Many are children and young adults who have to be cared for by their close family in lack of proper recognition and treatment opportunities.

Jørgen Jelstad brings us into some of these homes where most of the patients and their families are disbelieved because the medical community see it as a psychological problem. The author is a journalist, and his mother is an ME sufferer. He turns to the national and international scientific community – and researches the history and medical-political background – to try to make us understand what this mysterious disease is, and why it has become the most controversial disease of our time.

The book is only available in Norwegian language, but I will try to translate some of my blog posts from www.debortgjemte.com into English.


4 responses to “About the author and the book

  1. Amy

    Hi, I was wondering if the book had been translated into English? Thanks, Amy

  2. Louise Liu

    Hi, have you plans to translate the book into English? Thanks M

    • I would love to get it translated, but no specific plans yet. My publisher in Norway own the copyrights, so a foreign publisher will need to buy the rights for translation and distribution for a translation to happen.

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